Similar to Coaching, Mentoring is typically a one-two-one relationship between a suitable mentor and client, often referred to as the ‘prodigy’, for the purpose of developing the client in certain aspects of their career. The mentor is usually a more senior and experienced individual than the client and possesses much of the expert knowledge and experience relevant to the development of the client’s career.

At Actus we are confident in our ability to share our significant leadership and management know-how and experience while developing the client’s capacity to take responsibility and think for themselves. One advantage of engaging an external Mentor to work with a high-potential employee is the new perspective that is brought to the Client.

Another advantage might be the willingness of the client to be more open and forthright in the relationship, which will facilitate change. A Mentoring relationship, when the mentor is from within the organisation, can often be a medium to longer-term relationship, perhaps lasting up to a year or more. Actus will make this long-term commitment to its clients.