Structure and business strategy go hand-in-hand in any business or enterprise. Organisations can spend significant time and other resources creating and reviewing their strategy, but often fail to ensure that the structure is adapted to best support the agreed strategy. Organisation structure development is about reviewing and aligning the organisation’s resources to match the business objectives and plans. This can be applied at multiple levels, ranging from the overall enterprise structure, to functional, departmental or regional structure, to business unit or team structure.

While developing the most suitable structure involves having the right resources in the right place, it also includes getting the best use of the organisation’s strongest resources and prioritising how those resources are used, given that it is highly unlikely that all the stated needs can be met fully within the business constraints. It is also about clearly understanding and defining the key roles, responsibilities and span of control of all identified positions within the structure. 

In addition to the above, it is critical to create a flexible, but effective collaboration and communication network that ensures all areas of the business (or department, or functional areas) understand their inter-dependencies and responsibilities to other individuals, groups and functions. This is the web that can bind the distinct parts of any structure together and, if done well, can foster overall teamwork and help the potential synergies to be maximised.

At Actus, we understand the nature and worth of an effective organisation operational structure. We have many years’ experience working within diverse operational models and have built up a strong knowledge of how to match the structure to the operational needs.