This element of our service offering typically involves working with the internal operations team(s) to review the overall performance of the operation. 

Companies will benefit from this activity in situations where they believe they are not performing close to their operational potential but are, perhaps, struggling to construct a clear picture as to exactly what areas of the operation require change and what type of change.

A critical part of such initiative is to review the overall objectives of the operation (or part of the operation), its financial and budget constraints and targets, its resource and competence structures, the relevance of the key metrics and performance level to these metrics. Understanding the bigger picture is always a critical first step in order to gain perspective and context prior to developing the plan of action.

At Actus, we are conscious of the need to understand the critical success factors and the business drivers before rushing in to find a solution. The more time and energy spent during the information gathering and planning phase, the more robust the solution.