The word ‘facilitation’ can be interpreted as ‘the act of making things easier’, whether it be the flow of information, the understanding of an argument or the clarification of differing perspectives. The value in employing a facilitator to work with a team of people lies in the benefits that he or she can bring through creating clarity and, where necessary, simplifying the content.

The prerequisite skills and experience for an effective facilitator include:

  • The ability to listen actively
  • The ability to be truly independent and non-judgmental
  • The rational and logical approach needed to bring structure to proceedings 
  • The ability to ask challenging and insightful questions
  • The ability to see and understand differing perspectives
  • The ability to move the process forward and stay focused on the goal
  • The ability to maintain an environment of mutual respect and hard work
  • The experience and knowledge to add value to the process where appropriate
  • The patience and resilience to assist the group to get through the process constructively

At Actus, we possess all of these skills and the experience to provide excellent facilitation to teams and groups that are required to work together to achieve a specific goal. This might be the formulation of a business or business unit strategy, the development of a cost-cutting initiative or the brainstorming of a key issue. Having an independent, experienced professional to support such processes can make such challenges significantly easier. Actus can provide this.