The often-used phrase, ‘what gets measured, gets done’, may have become a cliché, but it does, nonetheless, contain a strong element of truth. Of course, there is limited benefit to measuring and reporting performance metrics if those metrics are not fit for purpose, understood by all stakeholders and frequently reviewed and acted upon.

The Task:

The design and implementation of a process for effectively managing a set of global operational performance metrics.

This performance measurement and reporting system is used across multiple operational sites and allows individual sites to drive their own performance and compare it to other operating sites, while providing the executive team with a clear dashboard showing actual performance versus planned performance and, were appropriate, linking this to the financials on a monthly basis.

The Responsibilities and Critical Success Factors:

  • Understanding the business performance drivers and how these relate to day-to-day operational performance
  • Using the above information to define a core set of metrics which is generic across sites, is meaningful to those who can influence it, is easily measureable and reported and is transparent to the business
  • Getting buy-in from all stakeholders and ensuring clarity and understanding of the detail around definition, measurement, reporting and targets
  • Setting realistic, yet challenging, targets which are both linked to financial performance and reviewed frequently
  • The establishment of a suitable forum to review such metrics, ensuring the involvement of the relevant senior site and executive personnel
  • Putting in place a recognition system to acknowledge and reward excellent operational performance

The Result:

A standardised, global operational performance management system which facilitates continuous improvement and business planning