The Role:

Executive Chairman of the Development Plan Steering Committee. The committee consisted of 11 persons drawn from the different sections of the Club.

The Task:

To develop, publish and launch a comprehensive 5-year strategy, covering all aspects of Club activity, including Finance & Fundraising, Facilities Development, PR and Culture, Coaching and Games Development as well as Structures and Administration. This was to be completed within a 4 month period from the initiation meeting to the official launch of the published document.

The Responsibilities and Accomplishments: 

  • To lead the Steering Team
  • To agree ground-rules for the Steering Team
  • To manage the meeting schedule
  • To report out to the Club Executive on progress
  • To oversee the organisation of a public meeting to solicit input to the plan
  • To facilitate all Team meetings
  • To motivate the Team and assign (by agreement) all necessary actions
  • To track progress on all actions and maintain Action Trackers
  • To oversee the establishment of working groups consisting of approximately 50 additional volunteers
  • To lead the task of reviewing, reducing and refining all of the input from the working groups
  • To lead the final review of the draft plan and support the publication process
  • To act as presenter and facilitator for the official launch of the plan

The Result:

A comprehensive Development Plan booklet detailing the specific initiatives, milestones, owners and timelines for all aspect of the Club Development.